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Project // discord-html-transcripts


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155 stars

is an open-source package for developers looking to create Discord-style chat transcripts. It is built using StencilJS and React SSR.

Project // poroscout.gg


1 stars

Poroscout is a Discord Bot currently serving over 150k users across 2,000+ servers. The website is built using NextJS, TailwindCSS, and the bot is running in Node.js (TS) with a PostgreSQL database.

Project // mcstorage.cloud

MCStorage was a BaaS (Backup as a Service) I created with a friend. It's goal was to integrate easily into Minecraft and other game servers to easily backup data. It was sold off in 2022 and is now under new management. The frontend was in Reactjs, while the backend consisted of a Fastify server, ZFS storage nodes, and more.

Project // derock.dev


5 stars

This repository holds the site you are seeing right now! It was built with SolidJS, Solid-Start, and TailwindCSS. You can also view older versions of the site on the different branches. An older version of this site made in Next.JS and React can be found on the v1 branch.

Project // discord-markdown-parser


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19 stars

This open-source module is a Typescript module that parses Discord Markdown into an Abstract Syntax Tree. Discord's markdown system is a complex derivative of CommonMark and GitHub Flavored Markdown. This parser is designed to be a way for other developers to easily parse Discord Markdown into a format that can be used in their own projects.

Project // advanced-stats

Advanced Stats is a Discord bot that tracked server statistics and stored them in InfluxDB for later analysis. Users could view graphs and other charts related to their server, including voice channel usage, message counts, and more. The bot was built using Node.js and Discord.js.