Derock's Development

Hello, I'm a Node.js Developer. I'm taking commissions for backend development, Discord bot development, and system administration! Take a look at my portfolio to see what I have to offer!


A bit about my products.


I have experience creating application of all sizes. Need a large public bot? Need a bot for a community server? Need an API to interact with your product? I've got you covered.


I'm always on top when it comes to the latest features, meaning your bot can feel modern and take full advantage of all the latest features Discord has to offer.


If you're purchasing a custom solution, every message a user may see can be customized to exactly how you'd like. If you're purchasing one of my pre-made solutions, they offer almost equivalent customizability.


Is something off about your product? Are your users requesting a certain feature? Don't worry, as I'll always be available to update and improve your product, and depending on the changes, they could be free!

"Amazing guy, super great pricing, amazing support, Unconditional effort brought to the customer. Will never need to go anywhere else for a coding related task!

Thank you, @Derock

Kyezi / OraclePvP

Products and Reviews

Take a look at some featured products and client reviews here. See all my reviews by clicking this link.


A highly customizable bot designed for communities that host events. The bot includes 10 pre-built games and is designed for easy addition of other events, all you need to do is drag another gamemode into the events folder!

Among Us Collectables

A collectables bot for a 200k discord server that has a daily rotating shop, crates, and a currency system. The crate system includes gif manipulation that creates a unique gif whenever you open the crate. There are money drops in general chat that reward people for being active, and a lot more.

James W | Discord Bot

"This is the best bot development service I have ever come into. Derock whipped me up a bot in 1-2 days with exactly how I wanted it to be. His prices are very affordable and he is very easy to work with! I highly recommend :)"

Stat Tracker & Ticket System

I was tasked with creating a message tracker and a ticket system for a 5k public server ( The message tracker tracks the amount of messages a user sends and displays leaderboards. Users with access to a panel can also see graphs. The ticket system is one with multiple steps. Click this box to see screenshots of the completed product.