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About Me
# 👋 Introduction

Hello there!
My name is Derock and I am a fullstack developer and a Discord Bot developer.
I'm currently a highschool student and I am working as a freelance developer.

Interested in hiring me?
Shoot me an email or contact me on Discord.

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TypeScript [====================] Proficient

Node.js [====================] Proficient

HTML/CSS/JS [====================] Proficient

Python [===============>....] Production Ready

Java [=======>............] Learning

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Discord.js [====================] Proficient

React [====================] Proficient

Tailwind [====================] Proficient

Docker [====================] Proficient

Git [====================] Proficient

NGNIX [====================] Proficient

Next.js [=================>..] Production Ready

Kubernetes [===============>....] Production Ready

... and a lot more
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Postgres MySQL MongoDB Redis
InfluxDB QuestDB
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Job Experience

PoroScout - poroscout.gg

  • Founder
  • 04/26/2022 - Present
  • PoroScout is a League of Legends Discord Bot.
    PoroScout is currently in ... guilds.
    Partnered with Mobalytics for advertising and analytics.
    (Discord.js, Typescript, React, Tailwind, Docker, Fastify, & more)

InfoBeyond Technology LLC

  • Intern
  • 01/07/2022 - 04/25/2022
  • Summer internship where I and a team built and racked a multi-GPU 2U server.
    I worked on training and adapting GANs and YOLO models for threat evaluation through image processing.
    (Python, Hardware, Tensorflow, PyTorch, CUDA, System Administration)

MCStorage - mcstorage.cloud

  • Co-Founder
  • 01/07/2022 - 04/25/2022
  • MCStorage was a cloud storage hosting provider.
    It featured a fully function web dashboard (React, NGINX, Node.JS, Docker)
    and a custom Minecraft plugin to automate backups (Java, SFTP)
    Clients also got SSH access, FTP, and SFTP access (Ubuntu, ZFS, chroot, SSHD, ProFTPD)
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Open Source Projects


  • ... | ... downloads / week
  • Discord-HTML-Transcripts is an NPM package built in Typescript.
    It will generate an HTML file containing a discord-styled transcript of a channel.
    (Typescript, jsdom, discord.js, HTML, CSS)


  • ...
  • This website!
    (Typescript, React, NextJS, Tailwind, HTML, CSS)

see more on my github.
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Additional Pages

Reviews -> ~/reviews

  • Take a look at reviews from my clients!